Computing Love
A Novel ~ Inspired by A Course in Miracles
Meet the Characters
Writing a novel is largely about its characters; about watching them grow from bare bones ideas to become people who have histories, likes, dislikes, worries and the qualities that make us human.

Kyle and Rick, best friends for twenty years, are the main characters, and you'll learn the kind of people they are as you read the story. However, here's a quick introduction to a few of the supporting cast of characters that give the story its wings.

Cary Thomasson

​Cary Thomasson is 32, brunette with a touch of auburn, thanks to L'Oréal. Smart and friendly, she nearly obsesses over finding Mr. Right while her bio clock just keeps ticking away. She's tired of wasting months and years on relationships that go nowhere. Now, she's taking control of her future; she will find him.

There's no way she could have anticipated the disastrous events she'd face and that, strangely, could lead her to a better way of living. 

Read Cary's character profile to learn more about her.

Paul Glazer

Paul Glazer, a private investigator working for a San Francisco-based law firm, finds his life changing in ways he could never have imagined. The way he connects with Cary Thomasson drives much of the torment he suffers, while that XY chromosome that makes him a man raises even more problems.

Take a look at Paul's character profile to discover more about his background in the Army, how he was awarded the Silver Star for bravery, and his love for women.

Jörg Tritten

Jörg Tritten, the head of a hedge fund, lives in Geneva, Switzerland with his wife Corinna and two children. As the hedge fund manager, he's bought and sold dozens of high tech companies over a fifteen-year time span. In the process he became wealthy and now has time to pursue projects that catch his attention. 

Jörg is recognized as a super star among hedge fund managers throughout Europe and around the world. His attention to risk management, his sharp eye that can pick winners and losers, and his nothing-but-business attitude have placed him among the top fifty wealthiest people on the planet.

Jörg doesn't joke around much. He's a serious, methodical man. Check out his character profile to learn more about the pivotal role he plays in the story.

Karla Kensinger

Karla heads up the Kensinger Foundation, a charitable organization that invests in projects to improve living conditions for people around the world. She lives in Bern, Switzerland, is single and has been warned by her father, now deceased, that her access to great wealth will attract men with questionable motives. 

She's a savvy, smart woman who wants to revolutionize philanthropy. She wants to make it more effective so the act of giving money has a permanent and dramatic effect that helps people live better. Whether it's the issue of clean drinking water or eliminating forced prostitution and slavery, Karla is on the warpath to find a better way.

Learn more about Karla, what others think of her, and the problems and challenges she faces. 

Kudos for Computing Love

If I was referred this story by another, I would buy it and read it. It’s like a science fiction mystery. It could also fit into a psychological thriller genre. It literally keeps you guessing and adds things to make you change your mind constantly. That’s good! It would make an interesting movie. ~ Jennifer Schulz, Book Judge, Editor and Author

Computing Love is a magnificent work painted in vivid hues. It takes myriad ACIM concepts that can seem challenging to grasp and weaves them into an amazing and captivating story that puts them right in your hands...and heart. Ramsay has produced an epic tale both inspired and inspiring—you'll want to read it more than once. ~ Sue Quate, ACIM student

If the title can convince me to pick up the book, your opening chapter can convince me to keep reading. I love the opening. ~ Risana Malik, Book Judge, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Chapter 1 had a Matrix/Inception feel to it, which intrigued me. ~ Elizabeth Badovinac, Book Judge and Editor ​