Computing Love
A Novel ~ Inspired by A Course in Miracles

The "Oneness" 

Trying to find words to describe what one's experience becomes upon leaving this earthly life is, to say the least, difficult. In Computing Love, I describe the experience as a "Oneness." The only visual image that even begins to convey its infinite, unbounded nature is the Mandelbrot set.

Bernard Mandelbrot was a mathematician, often known as the "father of fractals." His mathematics are especially suited to visualizing with a computer, as the video below shows. I find these images nearly magical because  any small piece of the image holds its entirety—which seems much like what A Course in Miracles discusses so beautifully, calling it Heaven or Knowledge at various times.

Enjoy this imagery and notice that no matter how "deep" you go, there's still an infinite depth beyond that point. Famed science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke, best known for his novel and movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey, presented a television documentary entitled Fractals: The Colors of Infinity some thirty years ago. Many have referred to these ever changing images as the "thumbprint of God"…some of the most beautiful discoveries in the history of mathematics.

Music credit: Numinous Shine Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License