Computing Love
A Novel ~ Inspired by A Course in Miracles

​The best books have the potential to stick 
with you long after you’ve finished them. 
Some can even affect how you look at the world.

Allan Ramsay here. ​You might agree that life is more than it seems. 

There's a “layer” of things we think and do that seem to be what our lives are about. If you asked someone to tell you about their life, they might talk about their role as a parent, a grandparent, a student. They might talk about their job. Where they were born, and when. What they like, what they dislike. Things they've done. Their successes and (maybe) their failures.

But life is more than that. It's far more than it seems.

I've been fascinated with metaphysics and spirituality for many years because they seem most likely to offer answers to life's profound questions. Looking back to the 1970s, I recall listening to Earl Nightingale's audio program The Strangest Secret. Hearing and replaying that audio cassette tape dozens of times became a turning point for me. It launched me into scores of books and audio programs ranging from Jane Roberts' stories, beginning with The Seth Material…to books by Carlos Castenada, Arthur Janov, P. D. Ouspensky, guided meditation audio programs by Jonathan Parker, and others. Together, they revealed that the “layer” of things we use to describe our lives doesn't begin to explain what life is about or who we are.

Around 2000, I discovered A Course in Miracles. It's filled with counter-intuitive ideas, and many of them don't make much sense, at first. However, the Course gradually fleshes out each idea and asks its students to simply be willing to listen to what it offers. Over time, one comes to a new vision of the world and of life. The Course explains how we can find peace, joy and love while we're here.

My Favorite Genre…

The Course has become an inspiration for the stories I write. It allows me to illustrate how characters can choose a better way to deal with hardship, challenge, danger, fear and death. Novels like Computing Love are classified by booksellers in the “metaphysical/visionary” genre. Such visionary stories are best described by the Visionary Fiction Alliance, of which I am a member.

I've been writing since I graduated from Ohio University with degrees in Psych and English. Since then, more than 500 pieces of my non-fiction writing have been published in print or on the web. Computing Love is my debut novel.

I'm working on another Course in Miracles-inspired novel. It's titled Five Years Living Naked. If you're interested in following the progress on it, feel free to leave your email address on the Contact page, and to follow my blog at